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Originally I wasn't going to do this jam. Then I came up with the idea to make a game where it semantically linked words and used that to judge movie popularity. I couldn't shake the idea and tried to start a couple weeks late. So, here you go, a game that needs another week. The semantic stuff works but isn't hooked into the main game. Expenses for projects don't register, which is just as well because you can't see the stats or manipulate the projects. Have fun reading the movie titles, it's about all the fun there is, unfortunately.

You were supposed to be able to control the movie's progress through production, choose directors and actors, etc.

Semantic queries by datamuse.com which is really cool and they have a reasonable free policy, you should check it out.

Code by John Deeny

UI Design by blastron (I wasn't able to achieve his vision)

Original music by Noyemi K and Julez Michaud

Looking forward to improving this later.

code is at http://github.com/jdeeny/awfulsummerjam2018


Aperiology-win64.zip 32 MB
Aperiology-macos.zip 33 MB
Aperiology.love 29 MB
Aperiology-win32.zip 32 MB

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